And just like that… he is back.

In a few days we will start learning a bit about what the auditors have discovered.

Timing and momentum is important. Once you start building momentum, you can’t stop. Today marks the beginning of the next phase.

Nothing can stop the truth.

When the talking heads come out to use their “credibility” to try and discredit pure LOGIC, you know they are panicked.


Pence seems to be starting his 2024 presidential bid with “I threw Trump under the bus and liked it”.

Is McAfee dead?


Would I be surprised if he put out a video in a few weeks describing how he escaped jail and fled the EU by faking suicide?

No, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Regarding the audit in Arizona, the counting is done and now they are preparing the results.

Good job everyone who helped out with the audit!

Have a strong feeling we are going to start seeing the results faucet start to drip by early next week before it crescendos into a full-on waterfall of Nothing Can Stop the TRUTH.