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Someone asked me what I thought about Colorado – 

Well, first and foremost, it’s damning when the Sec of State forbids election audits.  Clearly, there is something going on they don’t want being found out.  Now, do I think it’s red?  No.  Do I think it is 10 points blue? No. 

CO is one of the few states out there that register voters by party in which Dems made gains from 2016.  The GOP there is practically going extinct.  But, the Dems aren’t doing well either.  Indies there are granola types who like the socially liberal policies but can probably be swayed by drug/antifa problems. 

Unfortunately, CO GOP does not resonate with very urban/suburban Denver.  Ever since Jefferson and Arapahoe flipped, the state has been gone for the GOP.  I think there was a lot of cheating going on thanks to the Gardner race, and Trump also grew a lot too. 

For Presidential/Senate, Pueblo County went against its solid GOP trend, which indicates something extracurricular going on there.  El Paso county (CO Springs) looks pretty bad – Big Trump gain but a lot of loss in margin.  Douglas County, hard to tell.  Used to be solid R but has backed off. 

CO of course has mail in balloting, and I have had a number of people contact me from there and other states with receiving multiple or ineligible general election ballots (not request forms, ballots).

I had Biden winning CO by 5 or so in my estimates based on registration data.

You may not know this but NC and TX were rigged, still won by Trump. 

MN was stolen.

I only found a handful of states that trended appropriately and in keeping with historical norms. 

A few of those – LA, AR, MS, AL, SD, WY, ND, WY

A ton of mega blue states are way off. Yes, MD, WA, OR, NJ, HI… all kinds of issues.