Brian Cates:

Trump calling for the base to vote for Republicans and deliver massive super majorities in both the House and the Senate next year.  Of course, he’s talking about his handpicked GOP candidates.

Talking up Max Miller, who he’s endorsing for Congress, to the crowd.

2020 is being fixed. What part of this are some  of you missing?  “Trump can call for us to vote for his slate in 2022 all he wants, but until 2020 is fixed…” 

Wait.  Halt. Stop right there. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’VE BEEN WATCHING for the last couple of months? 2020 is being fixed.  Are you just, I don’t know, not paying attention or something?  What’s your major malfunction?

When people say “fix” 2020, what exactly do they mean by that?  A do over election?  Congress reconvenes and votes again?  Biden gets voted out, Trump gets voted in?  Will that happen? Hell I have no idea. 

An election in 2022 is coming, and we’re going to fully expose how they stole the 2020 election and then reform our election system before 2022. That is the job ahead of us and some of us working hard towards that goal.  And what happens when I discuss who Trump wants his base to vote for in the primaries?  “Well this doesn’t matter because 2020 isn’t fixed and I’m staying home and not voting if it’s not fixed!”.  This is like talking to a brick wall.

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