Spotted at 11,000 ft in the Colorado Rockies high above where Dominion’s VP Eric Coomer posted the antifa manifesto to President Trump on Facebook — Courtesy of Kanekoa The Great

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Whatever the severest punishment for Treason needs to happen to Deep State, Politicians, 3 letter agencies, Corporations, CCP and Main Stream Media for what they have done

This evil is worse than Hitler or any fascist dictatorship the world has ever seen.

We will not rest until the guilty are all punished to the fullest extent of the law.

You have no idea what an awake pissed off American People and WORLD!! can accomplish

If we could start speaking with our $$

That would be a huge help

Let the Woke Go Broke!!

Just like they do to us by using Vaccines!!! Reverse that!!

We are the majority!! Act like it

—Pepe Deluxe

The Invisible

And just like that… he is back.

In a few days we will start learning a bit about what the auditors have discovered.

Timing and momentum is important. Once you start building momentum, you can’t stop. Today marks the beginning of the next phase.

Nothing can stop the truth.

–Code Monkey Z

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Yesterday was quite a day for habbenings:

Epic London protest, Deep rig released, Trump’s first rally.  

The energy and Patriotism was palpable.

A most welcome morale boost.

One could even say that yesterday was legendary. 😌