A few more sage and thoughtful words from The Professor’s Record and comments on the matter from Seth Keshel and Praying Medic (Dave Hayes):

The Professor’s Record:

“A lot of talk about hero worship out there. 

I love and support those that love God.

I pray for those that don’t.

Encourage and support those worthy of it.  

If you see someone walk with the truth, walk with them.

We should also stand up for, and defend, those that are unfairly misrepresented.

Free speech also requires taking responsibility for your words and actions.

Hear! Hear! 👇👇👇

Seth Keshel:

Anyone who knew how hard Sidney Powell works would be ashamed to utter the slightest negative word about her. 

Like I said, friendly fire only stops one movement. Our movement. 

I will attest to you from personal experience that she has an unparalleled level of energy and commitment.  I’ve seen her leave her work area at 3 AM and return by 7:30 AM, multiple times during the election battles in November and December, commonly working 18-19 hour days.

The Professor’s Record:

Regarding the post below, procedural questions are absolutely fine.  

For example, I answered questions concerning the procedural process above.  

When the questions provided by Cates, however, editorialize content, and suggest someone is perpetuating a fraud on the court, we aren’t talking about procedure.  

That’s an attack on one’s character.

A responsible journalist would investigate privately, and do their due diligence prior to publishing.

Praying Medic:

No one questioned Sydney Powell’s dedication or work ethic.

No one questioned her patriotism.

A simple question was asked about procedure.

Can a simple answer be given?

If there are people who can never be questioned about anything, please let us know their names. 

We need the list. 

Because we have questions.

And apparently, some of us are off limits to all questioning.

The Professor’s Record:

Navigating conflict is not easy.  But here we are.

I’ve enjoyed much of The Praying Medic’s work.  I don’t agree with everyone’s take on just about anything.

We can agree to disagree.

Truth and reason will settle these accounts over time.

Back to work!

It’s as if there is an evil spirit at work whispering in the ears of patriots. 

Pride and vanity are so dangerous.  Mine included.

The need to be right, instead of declaring God’s righteousness on our behalf is a constant temptation.

Lord help us all.

I’m gonna pray, reflect, and shut my mouth for the next 48 hours.

Happy (early) 4th of July patriots.

God bless you.

God bless our country.