“Wow! I had a feeling that the enemy would ratchet up the attacks on me today and was I ever right!!!

One example of many attacks today is found in the photo/meme below being posted on Telegram channels. 

I used to drink Macallan 12 single-malt scotch until I gave up alcohol 8 years ago. I thank God every day that He took away the taste and the desire. I do not judge others who drink, I just feel blessed that I was able with God’s help to easily give it up. 

The nastiness of the enemy is so great today that someone is using my daughter-in-law’s name on a username account @oregoncr to post disparaging comments about me. This is particularly painful, evil, and despicable conduct.

Thanks for your continued support and understanding as I deal with the many smears and false attacks. I have peace of mind knowing that God goes before me and my battles with the enemy are already won. 

We really do live in extraordinary times.

Below is the post using my daughter-in-law’s name. Reagan knows I have not had a drink in 8 years and that I surrendered my life to God 3 years come August. 

While I have differences with my children over faith and politics, I know Reagan is not evil and would not engage in conduct intended to hurt or falsely smear me. 

The enemy has no shame but God will throw the enemy in the pit dug for me. 

I appreciate your continued prayers for me and my family. 

God bless you. – Lin 🙏 ❤️🇺🇸