I’ve tried to take notes as it happened, but the fur was flying fast and furious. You’ll just have to watch it on Rumble later if you missed it in real time. Holy cow!!!

Alan Duke, Co-Founder, Editor in Chief, Lead Stories and Fact Checker

BANNON: Why have you focused on a guy like Mike Lindell? He’s not a CNN or National Pulse…are you saying he’s a weaponized meme?

ALAN DUKE: We don’t focus on Mike Lindell, but I do live rent free in his head. I would love to be his friend in another time, and mIke knows that. We have a vigorous text message exchange. He’s like that friend who is gullible and being used, and you want to do an intervention. Mike is a patriot, passionate about the country. I relate to that, but my problem is I feel he’s being taken advantage by people who are selling him a bag of crap. And he won’t admit who is selling him.

…we tracked it down and the source of this data he has was called fraudulent by the gateway Pundit.

BANNON: If we could set up that cyber security experts could meet with you and a team and go thru all the analysis of Lindell and that opine on it, because you contend it is tied to Dennis Montgomery and other controversial figures…

BANNON: The War Room posse (chat room) not exactly excited about the direction of this interview.

RAHEEM: I think it’s all well and good that you can pull up — the old school way… you’re not really a fact checker as much as a censor. You report it in your eyes on your site, what I hope you can explain is where you find the moral impetus to shut down…

Here are some reactions from the WarRoom chat: