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Protected by an outdated and misinterpreted Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, these elites and their firms ride roughshod over some of the most fundamental American rights: the right to speak, the right to be heard, and the right to democratic representation. This lawsuit is not the end of that fight: it is a beginning. It’s a fight AFPI is committed to seeing through. AFPI will continue to support everyday Americans’ efforts to hold Big Tech accountable. Every American can share their personal stories of Big Tech censorship or sign up for updates on these historic efforts to protect their First Amendment freedoms at


“There’s not much precedent for an American President taking major-media corporations to court — nor is there much precedent for an American President engaging the judiciary to shape the landscape of American freedoms after his Presidency.

President Trump often remarked that if Big Tech is out to get him, it’s because they’re out to get the American people — and he was just standing in the way. The actions of the Big Tech firms we’re taking to court illustrate the point perfectly. What they’ve done, what they’ve wrought in the past few years staggers the imagination.

ALL Americans need Donald Trump to win — not for what it will mean for him, but for what it will mean for every American man, woman, and child.”


“Things have changed over the past several years, and the First Amendment rights of all Americans are on the line in this case. The law and Constitution are on our side. America is the great country that it is because our Constitution protects our freedoms, including freedom from censorship – this lawsuit ensures that those rights are properly defended.”

By Radiopatriot

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  1. My fakebook account was DISABLED BANNED DELETED LOCKEDOUT 100% on Independence Day 2021. All photos emails posts FELONIOUSLY STOLEN, including about the “unsolved” MURDER of my gf Stephanie Mendez who was BUTCHERED ALIVE. No notice of what triggered the traltors n chlcoms at fakebook, the alleged offending meme is BLANK. Perhaps mere mention of trunnp, chlna, c1984, jan 6, electlon audlt, you know, NEWS, HEALTH, DISEASE, TREATMENT, DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM, LIFE. This was not my 1st profile stolen n deleted. Fakebook has made it 100% clear why they do this, they want USA overthrown by communlst chlna and they want all americans DED MERDERED GENlCIDED, thats why fakebook financed the covld19 blowepon at woohan chlna, and financed the electlon fraad in USA. Joodaism is communlsm, the rabbls preach. World War 3 began december 2019. Now looking to join PRESlDENT TRUnnP’S CLASSACTION LAWSUIT against fakebook, twitter, youtube, google.

    The murder of Stephanie Mendez

  2. I must say that my experience with big tech was affected by using Twitter my account was hacked periodically and my followers and those I followed would be stolen away reduced by hundreds if not thousands overnight furthermore whenever I would attempt to listen to conservative podcasts the podcasts were always being interrupted by loss of sound video anvd chat ability this was on multiple platforms such as YouTube Dlive Trovo Twitter the outages became so commonplace the originators of the podcast would at many occasions just drop off the airways indicating that the censorship was so horrendous they could not even present a show to their listening audiences. This could only be the result of big tech censure and big tech censorship no other explanation for it they Twitter Google & Facebook did not want conservatives to be able to communicate none whatsoever. So these folks would interfere interrupt and many times just stop the transmission of the podcasts I was listening to at any given time. I’m sure there is still censorship happening still censorship ongoing to silence my voice and millions of voices with the same values ethics morals and credos as that of the same as mine. Conservative Christian Voices not necessarily in that order but nonetheless we were all victims of Big Tech Over Reach & Big Tech Censorship. I couldn’t even use certain words or share the American 🇺🇸 flag on some platforms under Bigl Tech Oligarchs Big Tech Tyranny such censorship and censure should not be allowed this could have very easily affected the outcome of the 2020 General Election just as Mainstream Media would not provide to me or the rest of the public the truth about what was happening in our country at any moment in time. The big MSM outlets MSNBC CNN ABC NBC Fox CBS just to list a few were all in coordination with each other all standing out transmissions that were purely propaganda no basis of factual information whatsoever. It is in this context and realities I am adding my full name and address to this class action lawsuit brought about by Donald John Trump. Thank you respectfully
    Shawn A Jordan
    Olathe Kansas 66061

  3. I have been in FB jail 11 times.. At one time I was unable to access an RV ad that I had on buy sell trade..I could not contact the people that was interested in buying my
    RV. I figure that cost me around $20,000..Other instances cost me important information with family and friends.. I only knew a couple times why I was being restricted Many of my posts were deleted or not posted at all. I have only told the truth . Such as illegals are criminals.Thank you Mr. president for this class action suit. I think more people are behind you than you think .I am a senior and not able to help with money but I pray everyday for you and yours..God is with you..God bless
    Gratefully yours
    LaVerne Lyman
    Arkansas City,Kansas

    1. Dear Mr. or Ms. Lyman,
      I will forward this to our President and his aides who are on TELEGRAM. Thank you for showing your patriotism and love of country.

  4. I spent nearly 20 years in the medical field, being trained by some of the best infectious disease specialists. I was banned for sharing the REAL truth about CV-19. And the fact the mRNA vaccines are one the most dangerous drugs you can ever take. The truth is all around you, you only need to look.


  6. I absolutely am joining this lawsuit. Here’s just one reason why: during the campaign, when someone posted something derogatory about Trump that I knew to be untrue, I addressed it. I always did so in a way that was polite and respectful. Whenever possible I backed it up with data. Yet 99% of the time my post never made it past the “send” part. Classic case of “our minds are made up; don’t confuse us with facts.”

  7. I have been placed on ” Facebook Jail” 2 or 3 times for expressing my opinion which obviously did not suit the liberal agenda.

  8. Apparently I’m in good company. In the beginning Twitter held a statement I made for ransom. I had to delete it or it wasn’t allowed into my account, so I left and haven’t been back.

  9. i wroke up one morning ,and faces book closed my account,no reason why or to what i did wrong ,just closed me out one day ,and that was that……and said i was not aloud back .ontill this day i cant use my faces book, and i still dont know what i did to get kicked off .so im banned for life ,and have no i deal what i did…………..they just closed me down…. and said i could never come back..the funny thing is all i ever used it for was to play games and say hi onces in awhile to freiends,and family.. who knows why,i dont…………………………………

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