“Some of us are new to this. Some, like me, began studying 30 years ago. For me the journey began when I was given a book for Christmas that pertained to some of the aspects surrounding the assassination of JFK. I am not a new convert. I became a conspiracy theorist long ago.

After my first book I bought more. Folks, there was no internet back then. There were no groups like this wherein I could connect to other like minded people. I began attempting to try to wake others up, decades ago. Everyone I talked to looked at me like a dog whose owner was trying to get him to eat out of another bowl. I didn’t take it personally. I just quietly forged ahead. 

A bit of personal story here. I was suffering from horrible depression when I found Q in the spring of 2018. I was behind the curve in a lot of respects, having not been on board from the start but I caught up quickly. By the way. As I began to study and research again with you fine folks, my depression was flushed down the toilet along with those nasty meds I had been taken. It has never returned.

We are fighting a spiritual battle. Food shortages, fuel shortages, sky rocketing lumber prices, even toilet paper shortages, are physical inconveniences which we can overcome. The real battle is the battle in our hearts and our minds. That is why I would encourage everyone to stay close to their personal Higher Power, which for me is God. He will see us through this.

We were all born for such a time as this. Fear and panic is the friend of Satan, a tool used by the enemy to cause us to make bad decisions. We are in a spiritual battle with an unseen enemy. The people we are fighting against are pawns. I would encourage all of you to pray for one another and for those who are leading us, from the bottom to the top. Pray for personal discernment and above all, for wisdom. We will prevail.”