Remember “Q” from the James Bond films?  

Q was short for the term “quartermaster.”  

In military circles, the quartermaster is responsible for getting troops situated with boots, bullets, and tents.  Simply put, the quartermaster ensures that vital supply chains run uninterrupted.

It’s not a glamorous position, but it is as necessary as anything the soldier does.

In other words, the quartermaster allows the soldier to focus on the mission, rather than worry about food, shelter, and weaponry.

We are in an information war.

Instead of tents, the digital quartermaster directs you to audit chat rooms.

Instead of food, the digital quartermaster provides you with data, metrics, and vetted information that sustains minds, which in turn, reassures those struggling with daily doubt.

Instead of bullets, the digital quartermaster facilitates the weapon of “memes.”   Memes artfully and easily expose lies, reveal truth in profound ways, and bolster patriots that need bolstering.

Find a trusted quartermaster.  

Become a trusted quartermaster.



Not everyone that enters your quarters will be a good soldier.

Use discernment.

There will be growing pains.

Trusted admins will be needed.

Spam and trolls will need the boot.

Once the machine is well-oiled, there will be no stopping you.

Mission before ego.


Think of the algorithms used by Dominion (and others), as the Death Star’s destructive ray beam.

But instead of the planet Alderaan being blown to pieces, it was our election.

We now have the nation’s best scientists, mathematicians, and white hats on team patriot.  All of which have verified each other’s work.  

We even have an expert that can explain the significance of PCAPS, and why Lindell’s hacker’s forum is crucially important to exposing foreign and domestic interference beyond all doubt.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have the plans to the Death Star.

Tomorrow, I’m doing a roundtable with some of our best and brightest.  Some you already know.

Luke, Han, Wedge, red leader, gold leader, and the fat guy are all approaching their objective.

Time to blow some shit up.