“Trust The Plan?” by MJ Truth, TELEGRAM 

“We have all heard that too many times to count. Now…. Here we are, months & months past the November 3rd election. 

Trust the Plan?

This world is batshit crazy right now. Up is down & left is right. Satans influence is everywhere. There is no denying it. 

– Our school systems have been indoctrinating our children.

– Our media & entertainment industries have been brainwashing us.

– Our government has been taken over.

– Our agriculture/food supply has been hijacked.

Everything we see, have known, and had ever been taught is false. A false reality has been built around us; the majority of it, we paid for right out of our very own pockets.

The majority of us did not question anything but allowed them control of everything. Whether they we were deceitful in doing so or not is irrelevant….. we still fell asleep at the wheel.

Satan appears to have won, right?

No. Satan can never win.

God is almighty. God is more powerful than Satan. 

But why is Trump allowing the “vaccines” or even promoting them? 

He did not make the vaccines. 

[They] did. 

We should remember that.

I have already touched on how Trump made sure the vaccines were not mandatory by claiming that we have a possible cure and/or therapeutics. I’ve explained why I believe we knew about the virus long before, yet still allowed a biological weapon on American soil.

I believe this is, to a large degree, about navigating us through a storm, trying to keep the casualties of war to the bare minimum. 

If Trump sounded the alarm on these vaccines, I believe it would be chaotic. Ultimately, the casualties of war, if he went that route, would have been far greater. In war, sometimes you have to choose between two bad options.

“They” report 4 million deaths worldwide, 606+ thousand Covid related deaths in America from Covid 19.

Although some vulnerable people may have died from covid, because it is real, and because it is like the flu, the overwhelming majority of those numbers are fabricated, they’re false, for their narrative to eventually vaccinate everyone. The comparison between worldwide deaths, pre & post pandemic, did not change; in fact, it has decreased as of today.

I do believe the real amount of covid deaths are so low, that soon, if it has not already happened, the vaccines will have claimed more lives than Covid. 

We are at war. When I say that, it means this is a war on all of humanity. We can’t fully understand this because we cannot wrap our head around it all.

As Q says, This truly is bigger than anyone could ever imagine. 

We are facing adversaries in other countries as well as from within our own country. We may even be facing adversaries that we have NEVER known about. 

Do I trust “The Plan”?

I do.

With all of my heart.


Against all odds, Trump became our POTUS.

Against all odds, they could never harm Trump.

Because I believe Donald Trump has been chosen by God.

Because I believe that Trump has been chosen by God, I know that “The Plan” is Gods Plan.

A very smart man we all admire named Lin Wood, said that through the brilliance of Operation Warpspeed, history will reflect that Donald Trump minimized the casualties to win the war. I believe that with all my heart. General Flynn is our George Washington right now. Lin Wood is our Paul Revere.

The general public has been given enough information to at the very least question what it is they are putting into these vaccines. Being oblivious and not questioning anything is exactly how we got here. We already allowed them to infiltrate everything else. Those oblivious are now allowing their Christ-like image to be potentially altered.

I am not saying everyone who is vaccinated will die. But some may. 

I admit, There are things we just do not understand yet. And It is very difficult.

But I’ve come to a point in this journey, where I have completely surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. Which means I do not doubt Gods work.

I am not a Bible scholar, so I say this as a lesser man using his ability to apply logic.. In spiritual wars, just as physical wars, people die.

It is not Gods intention that the innocent is harmed. But the innocent should bear some responsibility for themselves. 

It is now our responsibility to hold on & pray. It is our responsibility to protect our families. It is our responsibilities to help God help us.

I’m leaning not on my own understanding of what’s going on with these vaccines, but on my belief & faith that God is navigating us through a storm. And he is using Trump, Q, and all of you to do it. 

I have Unshakeable Faith in God and Gods Plan.

For I walk in Faith & not by sight.”