The people are now seeing the Central Bank agenda: they do not want to help the people, they want to keep the people down.

But… This is backfiring. Yellen pushes forward with the plan and the Fed finally says the quiet part out loud. They are now telling people that every other currency is worthless, only look at the CBDC and everything will be OK.

The Deep State is panicking like we’ve never before seen. This entire plan to expose the system is being driven by ‘we the people,’ and they know this will be difficult to stop.

First they will try to create a violent riot across the country; it will be small but the Fake News and Big Tech will try to make it seem a lot larger than it is. When this fails, they will move into the next false flag. This will be a communication blackout — or– they might reverse the order.

The Patriots caught them all, this is the largest sting operation the world has ever witnessed, no deals, no place to hide. Once the people see it all, JUSTICE.

Sign seen in a North Carolina subway:

Twitter Slapped Kevin McCarthy with ‘Sensitive Content’ Label After Exposing Inflation Under Biden