“If your RINOs were waffling on audits, now is the time to press them.

You want to know why there were no valid leaks from the Arizona audit? Because they had no-crap, real life dirt on many mechanisms to achieve fraud. Mail, machines, physical ballot issues, double and triple voters, ineligible voters, multi-scanned ballots. 

You can’t have that come out early and get squashed. 

Now you know how someone who never left his basement got “81mm votes.” For what it’s worth, I’m through 14 states with a very conservative estimate and have already found about 3.4mm excess Biden votes based on population growth, registrations, and trends. So he’s already under 78mm votes. 

Tucker is covering fraud now because he knows it’s about to dominate the news. More believe today than yesterday. Stop worrying about what may or may not happen and live today. 

Tomorrow has enough trouble of its own.”