The Professor’s Record – AKA Prof. David Clements

The mayor of Las Cruces (my hometown) is requiring “We the People” to show proof of vaccination in order to attend City Council meetings.  

That, or be treated as second class citizens, mandating that we must wear a mask.   

Every one of our councilors were vetted and funded by George Soros’ goons.  

It would be terrible if the mayor had to spend the whole meeting just reading comments about the first amendment.

I can’t ask 61,384 patriots to email the mayor and city councilors to protest this violation of our basic human rights.  

Even if the emails are provided below.

Yes, it would be easy to cut and paste these emails.  

Yes, it would be fun to fight for liberty.  

But, really… I couldn’t ask such a thing.

Seriously…. No matter how EASY it would be to email my mayor and city councilors, I just could not ask 61,546 patriots to send an email educating these liberty haters about the First Amendment.  

Yes… yes… I know it’s fun…. and easy, and did I mention fun?…. but it’s too much to ask of you.

I really couldn’t.