Oliver Stone: ‘There’s still a presence out there reminding people not to speak about JFK’s killing’

As he releases a documentary follow-up to his 1991 film about the Kennedy assassination, the Oscar-winning director talks to Geoffrey Macnab about what he believes is a continuing cover-up, plus cancel culture, Margaret Thatcher, Julian Assange and why Boris Johnson ‘would throw you in jail in a second.’

Garrison, of course, was the real-life figure portrayed by Kevin Costner in the film; he was the original proponent of the theory that the CIA were involved in the killing of the US president, after his 1966 investigation.

Garrison wrote the book On the Trail of the Assassins, on which the movie was partly based.

Even the director’s fiercest detractors will find it hard to dismiss the evidence he has assembled about the JFK assassination in the new documentary. Once I’d seen it and heard him hold forth, I came away thinking that only flat-earthers can possibly still believe that Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy all on his own. It’s that convincing.