The left broke Kavanaugh, it was all a lie but he’s too concerned about what they’ll do to him next to stand up to them again. Make no mistake that was part of their plan for him and anyone watching all along and they succeeded brilliantly. It’s their playbook.

OK, below is a comment that expresses what I’ve thought for quite some time. I’ve never voiced it out of loyalty to President Trump. But honestly, when she comes to the rally mic, I find something else to do until she’s left the stage. She’s plastic, garish, mawkish, a gold-digging, fame-seeking, skin-tight-clothes-wearing, breasts as amplified as her over-the-top behavior coochie coochie girl, this former wife of Gavin (Communist) Newsom, Governor of California is a spotlight seeker. I’m not impressed, and her choice as Jr.’s companion (he, the divorced father of five children) tells me that Jr.’s taste in women is flash and dazzle questionable. She fits well with the typical Palm Beach type. Gold-chasing, blinged-out, face-lifted, breast-enhanced loud mouthed mama. All sex appeal with a big mouth. Not a good look for Jr., in my estimation. But that’s just me…


Jr. is likely correct in his assessment of Kavanaugh but seriously, Jr. should be more concerned with his own credibility, I mean he’s still shacking up with Kimberly Guilfoyle, she’s as psychotic of a screeching female as I’ve ever seen. The fact the Trumps continue to jog her out in front of rally crowds is not a positive move IMO. Jr. get your own house in order bro.