Hat tip to one of my readers who dropped this link in a comment. This is stunning – the patents were in place two decades ago for covid. There is nothing that is new in this “novel” corona virus –73 patents for components of it were all issued before 2019. Some as early as 2002.

This is racketeering — a RICO ACT crime. Do NOT take the jab. It was designed to control you.

Pay close attention to this. Take notes if you must, to be able to show the doubters in your family and/or circle of friends. Share this video on your websites and social media platforms.

This virus was created long ago and used NOW to create a world panic, enabling a global reset and make a ton of money for those involved.

Consider this your introductory class into “the New Normal,” the branded campaign adopted by the WHO, the Center for Disease Control, The Gates Foundation, and Anthony Fauci.

“The New Normal” campaign was adopted Jan 6th, 2004. It’s been around quite a long time.

Moderna knew it would be placed at the front of the line to develop a vaccine in March, 2019 – when a series of rejected patent filings were amended to specifically make reference to an intentional or deliberate release of corona virus. Four failed patent applications were amended to begin the process of a vaccine development. They had to rely on tech they did not own. Two Canadian companies own the patents to deliver the mRna fragment. So Moderna began negotiating with these companies to get the nano-particle technology into a vaccine for an intentional respiratory pathogen release… well ahead of the actual explosion of “Covid.”

THIS is mind blowing…


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