I encourage you to listen to Steve Bannon’s WAR Room radio program tomorrow morning from 10 to noon EST on Real America’s Voice Radio.

Depending on where you are located, Real America’s Voice radio is either broadcasting on the AM dial — OR you can download the app AMERICA’S VOICE and listen to it on your device (as I do).

Tomorrow, Seth Keshel will be joined by Prof. David Clements (aka The Professor’s Record) during the 11:00 hour. Here’s the notice, as posted by Clements on TELEGRAM’s America First Audit boards. 

“Alright, so I’m joining Captain Keshel tomorrow on Bannon’s War Room 11 EST. We will provide updates on the quarter master movement, where the America First Audit groups are now 100,000 people strong.

Many states are up and running smoothly, others are experiencing growing pains, and some states are in still in the process of vetting administrators.

There is a plan. But please be patient! Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine we’d have 50 states raring to go with thousands of patriots ready to work.

In the meantime, if you are in a state audit chat group, disseminate and familiarize yourself with relevant election information. Second, compile email and phone lists for every political, legislative, judicial person you can think of. These lists will be put to great use in lighting a fire under those that hate election integrity.

I will be working with Captain (Seth) Keshel to drop data in each and every state as the days and weeks unfold. In the not so distant future, I can envision our 100,000 person and growing network to start a registration canvas. This movement will be the greatest voter integrity initiative in history.

We aren’t asking for permission. “We the People” will get it done.”


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