The Central Bankers are now trapped, they are in the process of trying to explain to the people why we are seeing inflation and what they are going to do to fix inflation. There is no fix, their system is imploding.

The Deep State Central Bank might use the markets as a distraction. The Deep State is now trapped, they took the bait, and the patriots have been leading them down their path.

Now the world is going to see how they manipulate the system to put the people they want into elected office.

If all 50 states are audited, would we find out that those who hold office should not be there? As the evidence is produced, the Deep State will begin to deploy all assets to stop the flow of information. This will fail as it has failed in the past, safeguards are already in place to counter this. Red lines will be crossed. What we are witnessing is the destruction of the old guard and the power returning to the people.