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They just found out 4 days ago that a federal criminal investigation of The Biden Crime Family is very much alive, and that search warrants have been going out, and a grand jury has been issuing subpoenas.  This is a huge story. The Biden family is under federal criminal investigation. And nobody in the mainstream media wants to cover it.  Isn’t that…strange? Especially after 5 years of watching these same media people hyperventilate and practically have an orgasm over every fake leak or fake scandal that was launched against the Trump family?

Now, we have a problem on our side of the media aisle.  I’m very well aware that the entire time I was telling you the Biden Crime Family federal investigation was still going, you had plenty of people telling you the exact opposite. Their pride and their refusal to admit they were wrong keeps them from pursuing this huge scandal same as the Lefty media.

Conservative media people who insisted the Hunter Biden investigation was really ended long ago don’t have all that much enthusiasm for pursuing a story about a US Attorney in Delaware seating a grand jury and putting out search warrants and subpoenas targeting the Biden family & their business associates over the past couple of months because they spent those past couple of months telling you none of this was happening.

But here’s the thing: If you let your emotions and your desire for popularity dictate how you cover the news,  you’re in the wrong business and you better quit and go do something else.  The Biden Crime Family federal investigation being alive and well and issuing search warrants and subpoenas is a huge story. If somebody is avoiding it, they’re not doing their job.

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We already saw all during Trump’s candidacy and his presidency exactly how a politicized federal investigation staffed by political partisans is run.  Crossfire Hurricane and the Mueller Special Counsel gave us all an eyeful of it.

First, a politicized federal investigation run by political partisans engages in frequent leaking, much of which subsequently turns out to be fake.  The Crossfire Hurricane FBI team used a strategy of strategic leaking to place people like Donald Trump, General Flynn, Carter Page, Paul Manafort and others under a cloud of suspicion of being Russian agents.

Then on taking over for the Crossfire Hurricane Team, the Mueller Special Counsel leaked early and often for almost 2 years, seeding the news media with fake stories about how Mueller was supposedly finding tons of evidence and the walls were closing in on Donald Trump, etc. etc.  And it was all BS.

Second, a politicized federal investigation run by political partisans is later exposed as being riddled with errors and fraud and illegal conduct.  This is true of both the Crossfire Hurricane team and the Mueller Special Counsel, both of which are currently targets of the Durham Special Counsel investigation.

Now having explained to you the essential and obvious natures of the Crossfire Hurricane and Mueller Special Counsel federal investigations, allow me to point out how both the Durham Special Counsel and the Hunter Biden investigation have a completely different nature.

While the CH team and the Mueller SCO leaked often, peppering the news media weekly with new fake stories, Durham hasn’t leaked one f**king thing in 5 years and neither has the US Attorney or the FBI people involved in the Biden Crime Family probe.  And you can quote me on that.

While the work of the CH Team and the Mueller SCO were riddled with fraud, fakery and violations of the law, nobody has even been able to come up with a single allegation that anybody involved in the Durham SCO or the Biden Crime Family investigation have faked or frauded their way to anything.

In fact, we already have seen a great deal of the evidence upon which the Durham SCO’s investigation of the Crossfire Hurricane team and the Muller SCO is based on. We’ve seen the declassified documents.  We’ve seen some of the laptop contents.  We have a Senate Report.  Far from being based on fraud or fakery, the evidence driving the Durham SCO and the Biden Crime Family criminal probe are very real.

IF the Durham SCO had political partisans in it, and if the Biden Crime Family investigative team had political partisans in it, they would have been leaking long ago. You’d see stories with anonymous federal agents saying “Why are we still here? There’s nothing here! We’re 3 years into this, we’re wasting our time!”  Have you seen any stories with “persons familiar with the matter” saying anything like that to NBC News?  Of course you haven’t.  There are no leaks.

I can wait to be right. And I’m going to be proven right.  And you can quote me on that.  /end

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