The X22 REPORT for July 18.

Trump showed the people what the economy was able to do while he was President. Now people can see the difference.

Joe Biden, who is controlled by the puppet master Barack Obama, is now pushing the economy back to where it was under Obama, and people see the difference.

The Fed and Janet Yellen are now calling for rapid inflation. The Central Bank agenda will destroy them in the end.

The Deep State/corrupt politicians are now bracing for the shock wave. The truth and facts are coming out. The people are going to wake up and understand that the election was controlled by the Deep State players. The Deep State will deploy every asset it has to stop this. Prepare for a [zero-day] communication blackout.

The Deep State will not stop there. Next they will push riots and try to make it seem like the Trump supporters became upset because Trump was not reinstated in August.  BUT… This will fail. The truth always wins.