THEY Are breaking ground. Are you tuned in?

Talking about raid on Michigan State House… 12 of 18 were FBI assets. Informants and/or agents. The plot to storm the state capitol. Just months before the BIG STAGE on Jan. 6 — Revolver.News top three stories, read them in full for the full context.

Was this an intelligence failure or a set-up?

If these infiltrators were there, they were there for weeks, months, potentially years, going all the way back to Comey.

Full time Google engineer Zack Voorhees, Big Tech whistleblower, talking about oligarchs shutting down free speech. “Google is a foreign intel apparatus outlet. Rewriting news algorithms on the fight Trump was having with James Comey. News stories hit with certain key words to lead back to negative press on Trump. The system/project for that was called Machine Learning Fairness. Started in Stamford in 2014, ingested by Google and started turning it on in 2016 campaign. What was their definition of Fake News? Google was fully transparent so I looked at their design docs, and found that 3 of 5 examples were based on HRC. Is this about suppressing fake news or shilling for her? This huge project spanned across all Google products, using black lists created Oct. 7th, 2017, censoring cancer cures, 8th amendment to Ireland’s Constitution (abortion). Google head perjured himself before Congress. 24 pages of this are connected to Las Vegas massacre.

They were selectively censoring any correlation between Steven Paddock being a Democrat/anti Trump… those as a result of being blacklisted went to the top to make it look like Paddock was a Republican.

These black lists were planned at the upper levels of Google management.

Shout out to James O’Keefe and Project Veritas too.