It’s a blue sky sunny day in Maine where setting up household will occupy most of the day. Outside of my normal routine, posting will be light.

But for now…

Tuned in to Bannon’s War Room to catch up and monitoring TELEGRAM’s best and brightest.

Bannon, Raheem, and Posobiec asking how Biden — who is so mentally disabled — is in charge of the nuclear code. Really banging on his increasing deterioration.”What should elected people in the Republican Party be doing today?

What happens when the Chinese make a move on Taiwan?

All three are expressing deep concern for the direction the Biden Administration is taking in world (and national) affairs.

Why has Obama not yet congratulated Biden for breaking the record on his number of votes?

This is a complete farce of a joke. — Bannon

Darren Beatty of REVOLVER.NEW next after commercial break. You listening/watching?