“Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. CM [Code MonkeyZ] maybe overhyped that a little but it’s still important.

We all “knew” the machines were connected to the internet, this proves it. This chips away at the narrative that has been spun by the media and democrats. The more of this that comes out, the better. Stuff like this will only destroy the narrative and help wake more people up. I’m confident there will be more coming out too. That was the prequel.

This will also help set the table for Trump and the Military. Just like Lindell’s symposium. Let’s keep chipping away guys and stay positive!

The best is yet to come.”

Everybody needs to relax. If you knew Devolution was 100% real, wouldn’t you expect to see stuff like this? Eisenhower wanted the interstate for purposes of invasion by a foreign power. Go read part 2 again if you need to. https://pepeleq.substack.com/p/why-devolution-e77

Patel Patriot – TELEGRAM