Bannon hitting the mic, on fire. Some might say that’s nothing new, but today he was LIT UP.

Rudy Giuliani:

Discussion about the Supreme Court’s ruling about the states’ power. Bush v Gore reaffirmed that the state’s have the Constitutional power. Pence wouldn’t sit down and listen….I was in the middle of this with Jenna Ellis and Boris, I knew all the lawyers involved, I don’t ever remember the DOJ getting into it.

Jack Posobiec and Father Lavelle

42-Week old babies are. being live organ harvesting

Richard Baris

Polls talk about the implosion of Biden regime.

Cross tabs – not putting them out. When a public poll is reported with less than half the sample size required, I want to know more about how it was conducted. The crux of what they’re reporting is that he’s falling on covid, made an impossible promise, has no adoring fans, no support. His collapse now saws he has no place to go but down.

NYT is reporting that the debt is all going to be paid for (infrastructure) and $4billion and R’s about to give him a victory.

Never seen an implosion like this before. CNbC poll – nobody cares about infrastructure bill. The R’s are part of the support function for Biden… they don’t want Trump back.

Light these senators up. Under no circumstances should you vote for this. 2700 page bill. trying to hide the football.

He’s got no bottom… he doesn’t have a floor — media polls would show Trump in the 30’s — nobody loves Joe Biden.mTrump never fell below 40% because Americans loved him.

Floor is much lower than Obama and Trump.

Biden can drop to 20 percent sometimes. We don’t see that in modern presidencies, but we see this 6 ,months into his term.

They’re panicked to get these bills passed.

Wouldn’t be shocked to find him in low 40s — He doesn’t have a base – no constituency = he borrowed Obama’s.

If you were going to talk to McConell today (Rudy) stick it up their you know where)

Infrastructure bill legally classifies trans as protected class. (Raynard Jackson, President CEO of RJ)

CNN CLiP — beat down on Lindell saying what he’s doing is dangerous because he’s questioning the legitimacy of Biden. But American people are coming to the same conclusion – seeing that’s happening in these states. (2.5 hour interview)

At least they’re one step above Fox who won’t talk about this fraudulent election and the audits going on across the country. this was a promo for the symposium.

What did you actually show them?_ Bannon — did you show them a little ankle and they dismissed it.

Light up Korman in PA – where are the subpoenas???

They would mock and ridicule you if they had the goods.

Right now we’re having even more cyber experts looking at it – and another group to validate. Any media that have any doubt, we’re gonna stream 72-hours on

Have you invited agency spooks and other admin been invited? yes.

This is about China attacking our country. We have an enemy here. they took our country without pulling a trigger — virus.

Chad Wolf, Bill Barr, Brian Kemp

HI CT. DE, RI, NJ, haven’t yet rsvp’d

70 cyber forensic experts and we’re gonna hit around 90 (we’re still screening)

60-70 meida

300 politicians

country that might be coming to speak about worry about their country. (Trevor Loudon?)

We’re gonna melt them all down and make bars for the prison cells of these people who worked with the CCP

tonight on Frank at 8 pm I’ll be speaking…


Thomas T, [Aug 6, 2021 at 11:00:30 AM]:

Reports: White House Considers Withholding Federal Money to Pressure People to Take Vaccine

The White House is reportedly considering withholding federal dollars to private business as part of its latest push to get more Americans to take the coronavirus vaccine.

Thomas T, [Aug 6, 2021 at 11:00:30 AM]:

Live human organ harvesting.

U of Pittsburg – Jack Posobiec and Raynard Jackson – info only gets more horrific.

Jack: FOIA lawsuit between JW and the center for Medical Progress, funded by NIH and goes to parameters in the Univ system.

This lawsuit brought forth docs re: funding 2.7m to NIH to UPitt to collect a tissue hub… heart gonads and brains.

docs relate to approval of funding. (CBN News) Unborn baby organs.

At 42 weeks, a baby is full term. These organs are taken from full term babies who are alive when they’re taken. David Dalaidien: confluence of Parenthood and experiments conducted at Univ — warm isemic time. Want organ while blood still flows thru them. if you’re talking about a heart still pumping, are you not talking about a live child at that point.

The racial makeup of this (LifeSite News) is a holocaust for the Black Community. In NYC, there are. more black babies aborted than born. In Pitts with NIH study, they have a quota that 25% of babies must be black (in the contractWe need to call members of congress… 30 to 40 m black babies aborted since Roe w. Wade.

This is Collins (NIH) saying every day you have to take the vaccine.

Live organ harvesting of full term babies — sounds like the CCP.

Sickel cell anemia research, “helping” the Black community. This is eugenics. Eugenics of Nazi Germany that these babies are not human enough to have rights. But human enough to have organs. This is Satanic.

What does this tell us about this spiritual war we’re in? It wants to reduce a human as an object to be used and thrown away — the state is more important that human individual — for the left this is their sacrament Rush Limbaugh). (Fr. John Lovell) the killing of innocent life to promote something that is ghastly wrong.

This is your tax dollars that pay for this entire apparatus.

Most important is to get message out to Black community – problem is they don’t know about it. Where are the black activists in media? They’re silent because they bow and feed out of the trough created by Planned Parenthood.

During WWII we asked how could these atrocities have been allowed to happen? Now the elites of our country want to destroy these babies – as bad if not worse than slavery of 19th century. completely and totally satanic.

Alex Jones talked about this on Joe Rogan’s show in 2019 (Posted on Twitter by Posobiec) about organ harvesting of viable healthy babies. Newsweek called it a conspiracy theory — a ragegasm.

John Spiropolous – film maker speaking out against Boards of Education mandate that kids wear masks etc.


TENNessee moms went through the books k-5 AND teachers manuals.

Teachers Manuals