From Cates’ TELEGRAM channel:

It is now 12:30 of the last day. The panel just deflected when directly asked where the pcaps are.

I’m gonna be brutally honest here.  If I haven’t seen one bona fide pcap by 3 pm, much less hear testimony how it’s been verified by experts, I’m bailing.  You can’t spend 3 months claiming you have something  and boasting how it’s irrefutable and you’ve had ‘dozens of experts’ check it out and prove it’s gold…and then do this on the last day, even if it is good info about how it’s possible to hack an election.  This isn’t what you promised.

Watching the panel brush off the direct question about the pcaps was a huge red flag for me.

37 terabytes of pcap data was supposed to presented, explained, broken down, then  presentation of how IT and cyber experts validated it and proved the election machines were connected to the internet during the election, and that foreign vote switching occurred.  I simply do not see them rolling that out this afternoon after 3 pm and getting that done in 2 hours.  Which is why I set a deadline of 3 pm.  If they don’t have what they say they have, I don’t have any more time to waste here.

Am I the only one that remembers Lindell saying this Symposium was 3 days long because it was going to take some real time to go over all this pcap stuff, explain how the digital captures were made, how they were going to be forensically verified, what they showed, and how it was irrefutable proof, and we’d be hearing it straight from the best cyber experts in the world, etc etc.?  I was surprised we hadn’t gotten started on it by Day 2.  Day 3 is now half over.

THAT PANEL WAS ALREADY ASKED SEVERAL TIMES WHERE THE PCAPS ARE. They deflected and dodged the question every time.  You think my getting up there and asking them AGAIN would change that outcome?  I doubt it.

The only think we spent major time on thus far when i comes to cyber forensic examination was the 3 1/2 hours yesterday  on the EMS server ‘snapshots’ where Code Monkey and others explained what they were seeing looking at the server images.  We were supposed to get a lot of that kind of thing on the pcaps.  We got nothing yet.  We’re into the final 4 hours.  It’s perfectly fine if  I bring up that time is running out.

I just read someone in the comments proffering the excuse that Lindell had to pull showing any pcaps at this Symposium because a judge ruled yesterday that Dominions’s defamation lawsuit against Lindell can proceed.  THAT IS FALSE.  The pcaps are not part  of Dominion’s lawsuit against Lindell; the pcaps are from Lindell suing Dominion in a separate lawsuit filed in Minnesota in June.  They are two separate lawsuits.

Rasmussen Reports

Update: Mike Lindell Symposium – 3rd Day – Morning Washington Times issues – “Clarification”…

Well that’s some clarification.

Only a small slice of the pcaps were provided to the Red team to interrogate.  And then Waldron says this:  “…the remaining data, not interrogated during the symposium, could contain the packet captures and other data needed to prove China hacked the election.”  So red team was given a tiny slice of the evidence to play with and Waldron and Co. have no plans whatsoever to let the attendees here at the symposium see the rest of the data?  Because if so, I’m having a hard time squaring this with why we’re all here.

Well hey, if it turns out some huge bait and switch was pulled on all the attendees here by Lindell and Waldron, at least a lot of auditing networking got done among the reps from 50 states.   Trying to put the best spin on this that I can. 🤷

Waldron back out there with a brief statement, has now given the microphone to an elderly gentleman with white hair who is exhorting the audience.

Some people misunderstand. This is not a question and answer session.  Col. Waldron  gave the mic to someone who is making a speech to the audience.

Liberty Texas:

“To those concerned about not getting the promised PCAP info, If I understand him correctly Col just explained that data review was halted due to a serious planted malware buried deep into the data to be reviewed that was a warning to them to stop.  He considered it a credible threat.  Col just did a brief update on data review.

I don’t even know what to believe at this point.

They had 37 terabytes of pcap data for 6 months and then just before they were going to review it for the symposium and roll it out, somebody dropped a malware program into it?  Damn….

You don’t have multiple backups of that 37 terabytes by now?  How could you not?

Brian Cates:

“…They had ONE COPY of these 37 terabytes of pcaps that proved the election theft and the story is somebody managed to drop malware in it.  I’m speechless. Thank God I can still type.

Right now a question and answer presentation in underway where the speaker is explaining American “Voting” With Chinese Characteristics.

We are now less than 3 hours from the scheduled end of this symposium

Most of the media has bailed.

Several media people left in the last hour. Media tables now mostly empty.

Well I said I’d stay until 3 pm. I’m a man of my word.


“Yes, some good stuff came out of the symposium.

But I’m still mad at being misled on the PCAPS.

I think someone misled Lindell, persuaded him to keep it all private far too long, then his chosen Red Team didn’t even have enough time to verify anything.”

NYT Motion for Stay DENIED: Project Veritas now allowed to depose the NYT!!!! HUGE!

Fresh off the press: The New York Supreme Court has sided with Project Veritas: Project Veritas will be permitted to depose The New York Times.  And for the first time in history, you’ll be right there with us to witness it.

As you know, we sued the Times for claiming our Minnesota ballot harvesting video was “deceptive.”  The New York Times attempted to dismiss the case and we won a historic victory when the New York Supreme Court denied the motion, ruling that the terms “deceptive” and “disinformation” apply to the New York Times’ reporters’ actions and claims.  The Times appealed and then asked the Court to issue a stay that would effectively prohibit us from depositing the Times until the appeal is resolved – a process that could last up to three years.

The Court today issued a mic drop of an opinion: “Here, having failed to convince the Court that [Project Veritas’] case should be dismissed, [The New York Times] also failed to demonstrate the extraordinary justification required for the imposition of the drastic remedy of a stay pending appeal.”      The Court noted that “despite the fact that [the New York Times has] been permitted to file anti-SLAPP motions to dismiss for decades, the [New York Times] here failed to cite any cases in which an unsuccessful moving was granted a stay pending appeal[.]”

Ladies and gentlemen: Let the depositions begin.  Stay tuned. We’re about to drop the first New York Times deposition any day.