Mike Lindell cannot get a break.

Assaulted, Robbed Hotel room of all electronics, and Malware into his Computer at the Simposium site.

He needs and deserves all of our Prayers to get him through yet another brutal ordeal that is telling him he is in Grave Danger.

These people have shown what they are willing to do. They will stop at nothing, believing they will not be caught.

This is a complete Outrage! It is WAR!

I pray that someone will STEP UP with a validated and authentic Protection Team to keep Mike Lindell safe, 24 hours a day until this scenario has been completed.

I do not want to see him in an open environment again any time soon, for any reason. Others should pay close attention to what is happening now. Today was a very loud Warning Shot fired at one of our very important leaders. Mike needs protection every hour of the day now. The assaults against him should be broadcast every day from here going forward. Maybe someone had cameras rolling today. Faces can be shown as Uninvited, and on Which Days they appeared.