More scuttlebutt about Lindell’s cyber Symposium


“Fact: even the “Red Team” does not verify they have seen enough PCAPS to prove what was alleged. 

Analyze the actual words from Waldron

Yes, some good stuff came out of the symposium.

But I’m still mad at being misled on the PCAPS.

I think someone misled Lindell, persuaded him to keep it all private far too long, then his chosen Red Team didn’t even have enough time to verify anything.

Dennis Montgomery… 👀

Fact: I am not the one who chose to make a huge deal about the PCAPS

👀 $5 mil was promised for anyone who can prove the PCAPS are false… and then nobody was allowed to see the PCAPS.

I want to know who set Lindell up. Many of you are not asking the right questions.

All right, I’m going to wrap up with a logical deduction.

Something didn’t go as planned. Lindell NEVER would have spent 3 months talking about the PCAPS over and over and over if he thought there was any possibility of not being able to follow through on showing those.

We will have to wait to find out what really went down.

Q. What did the symposium accomplish in the end? 

A. It got a lot of eyes on a STRONG overall case for election fraud and helped push the demand for audits forward.

Q. Does Mike lose the $5 mil now?

A. No, because it was never at risk. If nobody got to see the PCAPS… then nobody got to disprove them.

Ok one more.

“Under promise and over deliver” is the mantra of every honest business person.

Lindell did NOT knowing dangle the carrot of the PCAPS to trick anybody into watching the symposium. He would NOT do that. It’s bad business and bad showmanship.

He fully believed the PCAPS would be delivered.

Please stop saying he deliberately BAITED the media with a false promise to get them to attend (unless you can prove it?).

Only the reading impaired think my goal here is to criticize Lindell.


I am in contact with multiple parties who are at the symposium and we are starting to compare notes. I will share a few thoughts from people who have been in the room for the whole event.

Considering what I’m hearing behind the scenes… a LOT of effort was invested in trying to discredit Lindell… but he, and a bunch of patriots who showed up, still managed to flip the symposium into a valuable event that shared a LOT of great info.

Clowns were involved. 👀

Clowns were exposed. 👀

Reporting what I’m hearing from MULTIPLE PARTIES who were there. Take with a grain of salt if you want.

Big Ern

Sounds like mike had infiltrators that corrupted the analytics process during the symposium. He fully meant to prove the data is real at this event. Traitor sabotage is going down.

Brian Cates – Political Columnist

Only a small slice of the pcaps were provided to the Red team to interrogate.  And then Waldron says this:  “…the remaining data, not interrogated during the symposium, could contain the packet captures and other data needed to prove China hacked the election.”  So red team was given a tiny slice of the evidence to play with and Waldron and Co. have no plans whatsoever to let the attendees here at the symposium see the rest of the data?  Because if so, I’m having a hard time squaring this with why we’re all here.

Fact: even the “Red Team” does not verify they have seen enough PCAPS to prove what was alleged. 

Analyze the actual words from Waldron

By Radiopatriot

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  1. SantaSurfing said he released video of them I think June 5? I do not understand what this means abou the PCAPS, are they saying he is fraud now? No way with all he has done.

    1. It is believed that the -caps obtained by lindell come from real time captures done by the US SPACE FORCE. And that’s why Lindell is so confident in what he’s holding. The proof is bonafide and unassailable. Unfortunately the black hats did everything they could to destroy the evidence during the symposium, hoping to destroy lindell’s reputation.- all it did was prove yet again the enemy is alive and desperate to keep us from seeing their sins against us and our country.

  2. Do you recall who the tall Professor Dude with kinda wild hair was? I didn’t catch it at the time of watching him, but found him fascinating to watch. Who did he claim to be? Wondering if the rumors are true that he was JFK-JR who may of also played other parts during the Symposium. He always did love acting, and loves to go out in Costume and under cover. Anyone know more about it?

  3. Oh and Did Code Monkey show up final day of the Symposium. I missed it if he did, and wondered how it went. Or did the DS do some of their Trickery to keep him from showing?

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