As some of you know, I spend my time between Florida and Maine. I’m back and forth on a regular basis, so I try to keep up with what’s happening in both states.

In today’s NYPost, an article titled Biden’s infrastructure bill is chock-full of anti-white racism, author Betsy McCaughey mentions Maine:

“The infrastructure bill the Senate passed Tuesday discriminates against white people at every turn.

Americans are enthusiastic about spending money on physical infrastructure — bridges, roads, broadband. But this racist bill hands out jobs and contracts and locates projects based on race, not merit. Minority businesses and neighborhoods hold the inside track. If you’re white, you’re low-priority.

… West Virginia has the lowest average income in the nation and ranks 46th in internet connectivity. Maine ranks 36th out of 50 states for income, and 34th in broadband connectivity. People in these states could really benefit from federal broadband assistance. Here’s the hitch: The infrastructure bill tilts the grant scale in favor of states with high minority and non-English-speaking populations, instead of considering only economic need and existing broadband capacity. Because Maine and West Virginia are 94 percent white, they’ll get less.”


Saint Susan Collins, a loooong-time friend of Biden’s, and Sen. Angus King, two of the most ineffective senatorial representatives I’ve come across… what are you doing to make sure Maine gets its fair share, regardless of skin color? Hmmm?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Especially the economically depressed here who don’t get their fair share of representation when 50% of their electeds are thrilled and more than eager to support Biden’s Chinese-controlled bills.