“Consider what you’re being told and shown so far today:

Lindell was attacked.

There have been extensive cyber attacks and intrusions as well as physical/personal intrusions into the Cyber Symposium and in Colorado. 

Someone close to the Symposium seems to be disseminating false information. 

CIA shill Larry Johnson has been conducting an ongoing disinformation campaign against key figures in the election integrity movement.

The Dominion lawsuit was allowed to go forward creating a direct threat to the first amendment, but Dominion will eventually be open to discovery, per famed attorney Alan Dershowitz. 

The Arizona representatives detailed how thorough the Maricopa has been and showed how ballots could be easily secured in the future.

The election system setup demo shows how easy it is to manipulate elections. 

You were not promised that everything would happen Tuesday morning at 9am. 

You have witnessed a small portion of the attacks on the Cyber Symposium and everyone involved.

What attacks don’t you know about yet?”

— imyourmoderator info stream

“Popped back in to post some “interesting information”.    I know that many of us here are also interested in the Cyber Symposium. 

I have a screen shot that shows the flight plan of two spy birds that have been hanging out and capturing data over the Symposium for the past 2 days.  ( Picture courtesy of MonkeyWerk) . These birds hang at about 60k feet ( plenty of distance to gather LOTS of info). 

Question is:  naysayers need to ask themselves, If the symposium ( and  Devolution by association to “the steal”) is junk information, WHY is there a need for spy planes to quietly hone in on and target the symposium ? 

My 💭… there IS credibility to Devolution and it’s evidenced, not just by past events, but also and additionally fortified, by the current defensive actions of the opposition.”