Hurricane, that is.

Hurricane Season Ramps Up

Now that it is August, we are quickly approaching the climatological peak of the Atlantic hurricane season. August, September and October usually bring the highest chances of tropical cyclone formation, and possible impacts. The 2021 hurricane season is predicted to be above average. Some helpful tips to be prepared this hurricane season include: 

  • Make sure to have enough supplies to last you and your family at least a week — don’t forget about pets!
  • Have a full tank of gas for your car and generator or charge up your electric vehicle before a storm approaches.
  • Have a first aid and basic tool kit. 
  • Have plenty of face masks and hand sanitizer available. 
  • Be up-to-date on all needed medications.
  • Be aware of your flood insurance.
  • Consider having a NOAA weather radio and follow the City on social media for updates.
  • Clear storm drains and debris from your gutters.
  • NEVER drive through flooded roadways or around barriers.
  • Have an evacuation plan if necessary.