Pray and Give for themselves and their families

“Pray, give until it hurts to these families, and then pray some more.” – David Clements


The Professor’s Record David Clements urges us to support the men who are STILL incarcerated in solitary confinement without legal representation and bail because they’re being held by the deep state enemy.

I’ve donated to both of these men and will donate again to others who — along with their families — are in dire circumstances at the hands of the deep state cabal.

Even if it’s just $10 to each, every dollar counts, every dollar helps alleviate the pressures these men and their families are dealing with — lack of income, businesses down the tubes… health problems.

Please… if you have a few dollars you can send, I’m sure it will be desperately appreciated.

thank you.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Thanks for posting! Do you know if there is way to send letters? These guys need to know they aren’t forgotten. Jail is a very lonely place. I can’t imagine what they are being forced to endure. Actually, I don’t want to imagine. This is am American atrocity and is a shame that DC will never shake.

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