from Lin Wood:

Back to the subject matter of exposing Communists, Communist Sympathizers, and members of the Deep State, do the research and connect the dots on whether these individuals are fighting for election integrity and demanding that 2020 be fixed. 

Remember if you are not fighting to fix 2020, you are supporting a Communist attempt to overthrow our government. 

You are either a Patriot or a traitor. There is no in between. 

With that issue in mind, do the research on the following individuals (listing them is not suggesting the answer – just suggesting that you do the research and reach you own conclusion):

Sean Hannity

Tucker Carlson

Laura Inghram

Mark Meadows

Pat Cipollone

Sen. Tim Scott

Sen. Lindsey Graham

Sen. Marco Rubio

Gov. Ron DeSantis

Gov. Brian Kemp (easy)

Former GA Sen. Kelly Loeffler

Former GA Sen. David Perdue

Former GA Rep. Doug Collins

Nikki Haley

Ralph Reed

Newt Gingrich

That’s enough homework for tonight. Let me know your conclusions. You may very well help me reach mine. 

Do the research. 

Connect the dots. 

Search for TRUTH

P.S. Extra Credit:

Check out all federal judges who dismissed election lawsuits based on “standing.”

It is time to expose and call out the traitors to We The People. 

It is time to expose and call out the traitors who are disguised as Patriots. 

The deep state is like a snake in the grass. As a country, we must cut off the head of the snake.