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  • 100,000 thousand refugees are being flown in from Afghanistan to Texas and Wyoming and given every comfort possible.
  • Meanwhile, 72% of blacks and countless others can’t buy groceries in New York because they aren’t vaccinated.

Maryland, Georgia, and Virginia Say They Are ‘Ready and Willing’ to Take ‘Thousands’ More Afghan Refugees

  • Maryland, Georgia, and Virginia have said that they are happy to welcome more Afghan refugees into their states, without express consent of their constituents, of course.


Gavin Newsom Welcomes Afghan Refugees to California: ‘We’re a State of Refuge’Biden Admin Plans to “Immediately” House 30,000+ Afghans at Military Bases in the US, Authorizes $500M to ‘Relocate Refugees’

Poll: 69 Percent Disapprove of Joe Biden’s Handling of Afghanistan

  • Sixty-nine percent of likely voters disapprove of President Joe Biden’s handling of Afghan military operations,


Biden removed the contractors so the Afghan army couldn’t refuel and fight even if they wanted too. Sounds like the debacle was orchestrated to me.

The [DS] decided to bring as many Afghan refugees to the US first before Americans. Why would they do this. What we are witnessing was planned by the [DS], this many agendas associated with this

  1. [DS] opened the Borders  and illegals are flooding the country
  2. [DS] bringing in refugees from Afghanistan, 

See the pattern?

 The Biden administration does not care about optics, they will deploy all assets and use all of their ammunition to stop the truth from coming out. They will use this to further their agenda with bringing illegals into the country. What do they need the illegals for? The vote. What do you they need the Afghan refugees for? The vote.