I will be putting out a lot of information this week to help those of you wanting to make your own analysis or judgments about what is happening on the foreign policy and domestic policy stages. I do believe our nation is in a state of crisis, the majority of Americans see it and certainly are feeling it, but crisis doesn’t equate to hopelessness. We’re stronger banded together during extraordinary times when extraordinary leaders step up. We have extraordinary leaders stepping up all over the country and taking far greater responsibility in their local communities than ever before. Find them, encourage them and support them. God Bless America 🙏🏼🇺🇸

Inside this OPED: “While demonstrating weakness with our enemies, the administration becomes more ruthless with our own US Citizens. I get the sense that there is no federal power that Biden-Harris will not abuse to suppress political opposition.”

Long but extremely important article that everyone who cares about our nation’s long term security MUST READ! Thank you to this brave US Naval officer who wrote the enclosed memo…he should be promoted. 

“Given the COVID-19 mortality in the military, the U.S. can presently maintain the nation’s defensive manning levels, in all critical fields. Pressing forward against these extremely large unknowns by mandating COVID-19 vaccines could potentially threaten basic military deployment assumptions, to say nothing of the long-term destruction to morale and recruiting. If it is true that the military is, in fact, essential to national survival thereby justifying massive budgets and sweeping measures to protect the Force, then deciding to gamble the entirety of those vital forces on what little is certain, is reckless at best.”