The point of the Great Awakening wasn’t just to point out that “bad people” did very bad things, or to direct us to find out exactly who did these things & what they did through open source material & (their) social media accounts

The main, & often missed point, even by some people who are in this movement, is that the people we are exposing, the most elite & most wealthy & most powerful people in the world, ALL worship Satan.

Why do you think that is?

If (you) had all the money, power, & wealth in the world what would you do with your time?

Would you carry out satanic plans?

Would you carry out satanic sacrifices?

Would you plot and carry out evil acts on humanity? On the innocent? On the children? On babies?

If the upper & most elite, wealthy, & powerful ppl of the world spend their time & efforts living & doing all things Satanic they don’t do that for willy nilly reasons, I promise you that

So WHY do (they)?

The Great Awakening = discovering God and Satan are real

Choose God

Choose Jesus

It’s time