Biden had to leave to go to another meeting?

President Biden Delivers Remarks on the Terror Attack on Hamid Karzai International Airport, and the U.S. Service Members and Afghan Victims Killed and Wounded

The White House

Biden just brought up a Bible verse. Laughable.

Biden is exhibiting the epitome of a “low energy Jeb” performance but with more dementia.

Is Biden having trouble breathing?

This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

They are trying to use the death of Biden’s son to deflect from his crimes against humanity.

Name something stronger than Biden. 

Wrong answers encouraged.

Biden says he bears full responsibility for “fundamentally everything that has happened,” but then starts explaining why this is Trump’s fault.

Steve Cortez on with Bannon said the Biden’s presentation scares him to death. This is their commander in chief? Not cognitively able to do what is required of him… open his presentation by comparing the deaths of these 12-14 military to losing his son Beau. No way is that relevant.

He always has to make it about him.

Did he just compare his son’s death from cancer to what happened today? OMG!


Bannon: if there’s not a firestorm around this city, what just happened here will cause it.

He’s not fit, and that means Kamala Harris will be commanded in chief — meeting with LGBTQ activists in Vietnam.

Sen. Josh Hawley is coming out saying Biden has to resign.

Media asked good questions on substance.

The American people – his son was a jag officer. Not a military platoon officer. He always did it for politics. And to come out today, with what happened to our military at Abbey Gate and compare it with his grief.

This is a lack of confirmatory due diligence.

Jack Posobiec

Hearing now in the Administration is that they’re circling the wagons:

1) Kamala in discussions in midair talking with Austin

2) people in full Cya mode from NSC on down, asking what did we just do, and what las did we just break?

Biden is very uncertain about the course of action he should take – he’s in info overload, “it seems like he’s in a fugue state – analysis by paralysis. Just sitting there repeating the last thing he heard.”

Cortez wants to know Biden’s capability to sort through problems.

Posobiec ; Biden was a cosponsor of the original bill to go into Afghanistan. His decisions on China to get in bed with them –good for American workers – said this ten years ago. He has never been a leader.

What did he actually say? We’re going to get all the citizens out — but HOW?

“I was instructed to” — not the sign of a confident leader.

Kurt Schlichter: Who the hell is instructing this guy? “I was instructed to…” “I’ve got to go to a meeting”


If you add McKinsey’s talk, it was flippant. (Head of Centcom) with a haphazard attitude.

I was appalled at the lackadaisical approach on a day when 12 Americans gave their lives.

Pay tribute to the dead, and promise retribution, convince the world that you mean it, and here’s what we’re going to do operationally.

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