Q: “Jarrin, what are you investing your money in?”

A: “Homeschool.”

Our kids are the future. 

If we have to take a pay cut to guard their hearts – do it.

If we have to dip into savings to teach them the truth – dip deep.

If we have to lose luxuries to gift them critical thinking – get basic.

Now, go to war.


Jarrin Jackson describes himself as a Bible-believing Christian, Constitution-defending, patriotic Trump supporter. More than 84,000 follow him on TELEGRAM.



The Founders fought their Revolution with violence.

Bc the Brits were using the military to rule.

Today, our enemy rules over us through monopolies, Big Tech, & corporate bullying.

That’s not military. It’s economic.

Therefore, a citizen “force” option must be relevant to the threat.

Live Local is offensive & destroys globalism.

It’s not flashy with big explosions or machine gun fire…

…but every dollar staying local deprives the godless commies of it while giving it to a patriot producer.

Your dollars are bullets.

Now, go to war.

We are at the PRECIPICE.
Remain CALM.
We are here for a reason.
Patriots are in control.