Pepe Lives Matter.

I talked to a sheep yesterday. 

We talked about covid and how she got the vaccine. She had a bewildered look on her face though. She was like but I have no idea what’s happening… Why is there a booster shot now? I could tell she was straight up confused and regretted getting the vax. She was actually starting to question things..she mentioned masks as well. I told her I had covid already and now I  have natural immunity. The look on her face…she was definitely starting to wake up to certain things.

Have you been hearing similar stories?

The booster shots may just be waking up sheep by the thousands.

Dem panic is all over Twitter. 

They are panicking over the recall election. 

So if Feinstein dies and Elder wins he can put in a republican senator. 

The R’s would have the majority once again…

GreenDragon Worldwide

This is a place for patriots to promote and organize local meet ups and fellowships like what happened in the past at the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston.  Local action equals national impact!  Build community, meet each other and find out what is important

Consider joining this channel by Enoch that helps you find a specific state where you live so you can connect with frens in real life. Would be helpful to be able to connect locally and grow connections with those who are red pilled. 

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Coming to every Hobby Lobby in Texas! MAGA, baby!