From Praying Medic:

The more you know. 💫

from RealGenFlynn:

“At one point during DC lockdown, only 22% of Langley-based CIA workforce was going to office. It’s because no one noticed the difference that they don’t want anyone to know. More than 3/4 of Beltway is useless.”

One could argue this actually improved our lives. The less federal government involvement in our lives, the better. Our constitution is based on individual liberties and states rights more than it is based on federal usurpations of those liberties. Instead of what General Eisenhower warned us about, a military-industrial complex, we now have a military-industrial-security state complex. It has grown out of control. We only have ourselves to blame because we allowed it. 

Why I say to get involved in your local communities like you’ve never been involved before. Stop complaining and step up. 

Local action — National impact!!!

And pray that God continues to shine His light on America 🙏🏼🇺🇸

Happy Friday Patriots! 🇺🇸

Hope everyone has a great day and weekend. Received the message below from a friend and thought I would share it with you: 

Humanity is about to look at itself in a mirror. We are about to see our reflection. We will see the darkness and the glory, all at once. We will then make our vote. We will choose how our will is to be expressed. Are we the expression of God and freedom or do we choose to be slaves and the expression of a corpse (corporation). The battle is not about to happen, it is in full swing.

The will of humanity is arising. We are choosing freedom. Enjoy the show

from Jarrin Jackson:

The Founders had an easier time convincing Americans to fight for independence bc the redcoats were visible.

Our enemy has mastered the art of hiding in plain sight.

Our enemy uses deception cloaked as common sense.

Our enemy uses talking points designed to sound like truth.

The solution is not to focus on what our enemy highlights.

Our enemy loses power when our minds are free to think.

Don’t take the bait.

Now, go to war.