Veterans Network saves 700+ Lives from Afghanistan with “Underground Railroad”

Absolutely gripping. These men are heroes. The Revolutionary War Minutemen would be proud…

When Kabul fell, retired Army Lt. Colonel and Green Beret Scott Mann received a text from a friend, an Afghan commando named Nezam, about the situation. This commando was someone whom Mann had met during one of his tours in Afghanistan, and he had even been shot through the face while protecting U.S. special forces in combat. Mann wanted to get his friend, who was receiving threats of beheading from the Taliban, out to safety—and from this, Task Force Pineapple was born. This new “underground railroad” has been helping people looking to escape the Taliban and find freedom outside the country, and is being run mainly by American veterans, with the help of former contacts they have in Afghanistan and some active duty service members.

To learn more about this initiative, we sat down for an interview with retired Lt. Colonel Scott Mann.

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