Some of you might be wondering why I’m loading up on articles I come across instead of writing a comment directly to/with you, and dropping the link.

I include the entire piece because the info contained therein (NEW media) is important for all of us to read in this Information War.

Many other bloggers simply give a comment and then leave you the link. I could do that too, I suppose. But I try to make it easy for you, one-stop shopping!

And if it’s a topic about which you are already well-acquainted, I won’t be offended if you simply move on or better — send the link to your circle if you think it would be useful.

I am listening to as much programming as possible, beginning almost every day with Steve Bannon in War Room (Real America’s Voice (RAV) radio network), and staying with the news programming on RAV for as long as time and life allows. X22 Report with host Dave, and many other great podcasters are all part of my listening day.

Also, thank you for leaving comments in response to many of the posts. We are in an information war for sure. You and I are keyboard warriors, putting the truth out there as best as we can.

Information war. We’re actively engaged in it.