*All of 2020*: these are experimental vaccines, we’re not sure if they can be trusted, but let’s prohibit doctors from providing early treatments and suppress all alternative medicine. PCR testing is what we need even if you’re not sick. 

*Jan*: All three covid vaccines are 100% effective and stop transmission 

*Feb*: They’re 95% effective and not experimental, mRNA has been around “forever”

*Mar*: Breakthroughs are rare

*Apr*: Get the vaccine, save yourself

*May*: Get the vaccine, save others 

*June*: The unvaccinated are the problem, they’re selfish spreaders of covid allowing the virus to mutate, oh but PCR tests can’t differentiate between covid and the flu, they will be phased out by end of year. 

*July*: Actually the vaccinated are also spreading it so they need to mask up and the virus mutates in them too. We also have record numbers of adverse effects but let’s ignore that – we need vaccine mandates/passports 

*Aug*: Maybe they don’t work quite as well as we thought, herd immunity is impossible but let’s still say a third booster shot needed. Actually no, let’s hold off and continue with our previous mistakes by vaccinating poor countries in the name of “vaccine equality”

What do you think comes next?