Ready… Get ready.

The highjackers mostly from Saudi Arabia were in the US on State Dept approved visas. Further, is there is a “paper” trail that leads to a Saudi Arabic-Bush conspiracy?

Is it too coincidental Bush is in a classroom where the teacher is having the kids recite words “kite, plane, steel, hit, must” and using the “Pet Goat” exercise technique?

Here’s the video of this.

9/11 is much darker and more evil than we know or can imagine. 

Bush In Class Room, The Kids Are Saying: KITE, STEEL, PLANE, MUST, HIT

Today is a good day to remind you that the CIA created ISIS under clandestine operation Timber Sycamore, in which we organized, trained, and armed them.

File: US pager intercepts that cover the September 11th, 2001 tragedy from 3am on the same day, until 3am the following day.

Text pagers were carried by persons operating in an official capacity. Messages in this archive range from Pentagon, FBI, Secret Service, FEMA and New York Police Department exchanges, to computers reporting faults at investment banks inside the World Trade Center.

This file contains all of them in a searchable, basic text format.


By Radiopatriot

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  1. There is a lot of good information on this site but this one certainly tests the limits of credibility. That’s a nice way of saying it’s far-fetched.
    The painting of GWB with the paper airplane is interesting, but proves absolutely nothing. What is the date of the painting? The might be interesting if it were dated prior to 9/11, but otherwise just another piece of cartoon work that one might expect to see in Mad magazine in years past.

    1. Patriots Stand By and Be Ready.

      Good morning.
      Truth is coming.

      It’s almost time.

      War Room will be live at 10am eastern for a must see show.

      We are on final approach now.

  2. These bastards have got it coming and no mercy beyond what they showed on 09.11.01 and the other events they were behind.

    How about we tie them up from their ankles, dip them in JP-5, hoist them to the place where the ball falls at Times Square on New Year’s Eve? Set them on fire and let them fall head first into the concrete below.

    Even that is too good for them.

  3. How about we send Joey to offer himself as a hostage in place of the real Americans who may be in harm’s way. Just tell Joe he’s going to Camp David’s special retreat area, give him a double dip of Tootie-Fruitie ice cream and he’s good.

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