f”Many of my Patriotos are worried, so I made a simple but helpful page with information collected by our Friends from Liberty Overwatch. It’s a list of Law Firms and Lawyers that can help us Fight these vaccine and mask mandates. Thank You to Pastor Brandon from Rock Harbor Church, our Friends Liberty Overwatch and Kanekoa for sharing the info!”


Legal Guidance Against Mandates

We recently compiled a list of law firms that you may call if you believe your rights are being infringed upon by your employer, school, college, or any group that discriminates against you for not complying with their vaccine or mask mandates.

The List:

Liberty Counsel


Liberty Institute


Pacific Justice Institute


Advocates For Faith and Freedom


Alliance Defending Freedom


National Legal Foundation

Thomas More Law Center

Thomas More Society

Christian Legal Society


American Center for Law and Justice


Center for Law and Religious Freedom


Christian Attorneys of America

Christian Law Association


National Association of Christian Lawmakers

Pacific Legal Foundation

 Special Thanks to Pastor Brandon from Rock Harbor Church for Compiling this List and to Liberty Overwatch and our Friend Kanekoa for posting the List. 

If you are Part of a Law Firm that would like to be added to The List, please email us at contact@fightthemandates.info


From Pastor Brandon:

Like I have mentioned before, most people (i.e. the people who just do what they are told by their employer, the government, or the narrative) do not know the law so they believe that vaccine and mask mandates can be enforced. However, this is not true. This is when you will have to push back and contact an attorney to get advice.

I hope this helps you because now is the time to stand up to this kind of injustice and draconian medical tyranny.

List of Lawyers by State:

Read more at https://fightthemandates.godaddysites.com