Running list of the Republican Governors already publicly opposing Biden’s Federal Vaccine Mandate

Here’s a RUNNING list of the Republican Governors already publicly opposing Biden’s Federal Vaccine Mandate (15 so far).


Kristi Noem (SD):

Brian Kemp (GA):

Kevin Stitt (OK):

Greg Abbott (TX):

Kay Ivey (AL):

Mark Gordon (WY):

Bill Lee (TN):

Pete Ricketts (NE):

Brad Little (ID):

Kim Reynolds (IA):

Henry McMaster (SC):

Mike Parson (MO):

Doug Ducey (AZ):

Tate Reeves (MS):


Ron DeSantis (FL):

Resisting states so far.

This’ll flush out the worthless governors

Brian Cates: 👆👆👆Yes, this.  That’s EXACTLY what it’s going to do.  ANY red state governor who rolls over and goes belly up on these vaccine mandates needs to be recalled.

I suspect there will be defections among several Blue States as well.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. I am pleasantly shocked and amazed that Georgia Governor Brian KEMP has added his name to this list!!! This seems to be the First Sign of Republican Life in our Governor’s House. I hope he keeps going with this new found attitude!!!

      1. I agree, Once a RINO, always a RINO. He is trying to hold onto the frayed thread that keeps him in office. He says nothing, does nothing, never responds to citizens, and speaks the fewest words when questioned publicly. A total loss as a leader. He is already gone, from my perspective. He is also joibned at the hip by Sec. of State and Fully Acknowledged Criminal BRAD RAFFENSBERGER. Nothing great going on in Georgia at this time…. waiting for President Trump to c ome back. AUDIT will Show All of the Crimes, up close, for the citizens. Looking forward to those results!

  2. I was surprised to see Kemp isn’t rolling over to the mandates. After he sold our vote, you’d think he’d sell us too. I am far too jaded to be optimistic about our current state of affairs.

  3. This list is encouraging.

    Now let’s see the list of governors, senators and representatives who have been vocal FOR FORENSIC AUDITS IN THE REST OF THE 49 STATES.

    The most critical issue in our nation HAS TO BE RESOLVED.

    Everything else is irrelevant if ALL STATES do not complete forensic audits.

    Nothing will change if the swamp isn’t completely drained.

    There are swamp politicians who have been grandstanding that have not said a peep about forensic audits. Optics are misleading. This isn’t about Democrats or Republicans, they’re all club members.

    Hey Marjorie Taylor Green, Jim Jordan, Ron DeSantis. What’s the problem?

    Think deeply about it.

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