“What could go wrong?

Besides everything.

I read a good book on tuberculosis this week.” – Michael Yon, War Correspondent in the MidEast

Afghanistan and Tuberculosis

As you know, I’ve read about 60 books on pandemic. And maybe a dozen more on biological warfare.

This is why I was so far ahead of the pack in January 2020.

Let’s be clear: Afghanistan is ridden with tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is one of the most deadly diseases in human history. And I don’t mean case fatality rate, but in absolute numbers. Nobody knows the actual numbers but TB is in TIER 1. Up there with jewels like Black Death and Small Pox in terms of absolute numbers.

For argument sake, let’s take a stab that a Billion people have died from TB.

Will these ‘vaccines’ reduce your immunity? One cause of uptick in TB is AIDS. Remember — pandemic leads to more pandemic. HIV/AIDS — reduced immune system, created millions more human-homes for TB, and TB took advantage.

Are these untested ‘vaccines’ setting us up for failure with other agents of darkness?

We are in for a wild ride.