From his TELEGRAM channel:

Part 1/2 

Going to throw up what is in my brain at the moment… forgive me: 

Do you know how absurd it feels to me that I was on that Antifa call. I have gone back and forth, over and over again… I ask myself the simple question, what if this is that bullets collide in mid air moment. What if I was wrong about Eric on the call being the Eric at Dominion. I validated the information, listened intently to videos. I did research to make sure it was actually him. Yet at the time, it was not significant. I was however 100% sure this is who was on the call. What are the chances… and why? Haunted by all of it honestly.  I wish I wasn’t and frankly I wish I did not have this obligation to serve others unselfishly. 

The deeper we get into the election fraud, the more sinister it all appears and the more validated it all becomes. I’ve become somewhat of an architectural expert on election systems which leads me to wonder how anyone can use any of them. They are all flawed in the most basic forms of security. 

And… Why was one man at Dominion traveling all over the world (not nation but world) selling, installing, updating, demonstrating, negotiating and representing the company? How does one man wear that many hats in a billion dollar company? 

I was a successful tech company CEO. I understand consolidation of authority and access. Those jobs he was doing were not the type of jobs you would consolidate, ever. The only reason you would consolidate those positions is to keep the circle tight, and limit the amount of information available on the company to the public. There are only two types of environments where this happens. One is organized crime and the other is government op. I’ll let you all stew on that for a minute… 

This is a company with over 200 employees, where code was written in Serbia, where the primary data center was built and maintained by a Serbian company who’s number parter was Huawei, the US restricted and sanctioned bank and investment firm in China. A company who in the US is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dominion Voting in Canada. A company who’s HQ in Canada sat on the same floor as a Soros shell non profit. Coincidence…

We are talking about a guy who was the speaker invited by Chris Krebs himself to speak at a conference. Hacker Conferences, public hearings.. you name it. We are talking about the Swiss Army knife of positions. 

Now let’s talk about actions. I’ve talked to several people personally who said Eric likes to bully people, prone to rage and drinks profusely. Allegedly He once punched a contractor who he said hit on his girlfriend. He supposedly bought a bar, got in a fight with not one but two of his employees while in a drunken rage. This was not 10 years ago… 

Keep in mind, I had no idea the significance of Eric or Dominion for that matter. I did not know of his history, initially I did not have access to his social media, did not know even initially he was the inventor of the adjudication process for Dominion. I did not know about him being a skinhead, a person who writes about sexually humiliating and abusing his wife. I did not know he was a heroine addict nor did I know he went to jail for DUIs. I did not know any of this. 

Now I do… and it matters. 

I knew he said he had a Doctorate in Nuclear Physics. Turned out to be that was a lie. Not a big lie, but significant enough for the nuclear community. His Doctorate was actually in Nuclear Engineering. Still impressive as it requires advanced math and computation skills, but it is NOT Nuclear Physics. That is a whole other animal of impressive. 

I know he wrote a voluntary op-Ed in the Denver Post. His own words, driven by the purity of the whitest snow that he was a victim and those social postings were all fabricated. Only, that too was a lie… a rather large lie. A lie that caused a firestorm of rage and danger for me and my family. He later admitted those were in fact his social posts. 

But that lie does not stop there. He went on to say later, those posts were “satire”.

Part 2/2 

And even later than that, that they were no longer satire but were him voicing his frustration with Trump and our country. So the lie became another lie that dwarfed into yet another… lie? The only person that does that, is someone who is hiding, truth. 

Let me dig a little deeper here… before the election, Dominion hired a firm to look into the social media of its employees. They met with some of them who openly posted things related to politics. In these meetings they recommended that they, “lock down, deactivate or close” social media accounts. It was preemptive… almost as if they knew. Now only someone with access to Dominion employees would know this. My question is simple… didn’t they have this conversation with Eric? If they didn’t, why? 

There is also something else that happened. Right after the election, the CEO called an “all hands conference call”. Names that popped up all over were l, you guessed it… Serbian. On this call, they said people would be “watching them” for their own safety. 

Now we get to the admission of destroying evidence. Eric admitted that prior to filing the fictitious lawsuit against me, he permanently deleted his social posts. He destroyed evidence. Then he filled a lawsuit. Completely illegal and disqualifying but, hey let’s not let law and preservation of evidence get in the way. 

Now we deal with a corrupt judiciary… a lawyer for Eric who lies at every turn and all for not lying… and for standing up. 

And at the end of what is in my brain at the moment is the knowledge that the election was 100% stolen. It does not matter how many times they lie and say “nothign to see here”. They have to do that, because even letting up for a minute will quicken the result of accountability. 

Make no mistake, we will win. God will win. But anything good and worth it never happened easily. It is the hard work and determination to end the evil we face that will show the character and courage of our countrymen and women fighting for a restoration of our nation and an end to the perversions of our communities. 

God wins… we win, and what we are seeing is an awakening of courage and sacrifice to defeat this evil terroristic cancer in our society.