Pentagon on 9/11. 

Missile or Plane?

By Radiopatriot

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  1. I’ve watched this video time and time again…I DO NOT see a plane–however the video is grainy and at a distance–I’ll give it that. The size of the Boeing 757 (wing span of 124′) would have done incredible damage to the Pentagon. I’ve read that the impact/blast “decimated the plane and nothing was left”. Website wrote an article (15 YEARS AFTER 9/11, IT HAS BECOME OBVIOUS THAT AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT 77 NEVER HIT THE PENTAGON) and posted photos with what they say is the 757’s wing span drawn to scale. If the scale is true…2+2 does not = Boeing 757

  2. That was MISSILE. I watched this clip, which was much longer, the morning it took place on 9/11. It was quite clearly a missile and quite clearly NOT a plane. Also, that video clip was only aired for about 30 minutes, that morning before being taken down.

  3. I agree it looks like a missile, however, help me understand what happened to all those poor souls, including Barbara Olsen (beloved conservative political analyst on Fox) who were flying on that flight on 9/11.

    Barbara called her husband to report the hijacking after all the passengers were moved to the back of the plane.

    Her husband was Theodore Olsen, Solicitor General of the United States, and he told Barbara about the twin towers so that the two of then could say their goodbyes in their last final moments.

    After 20 years, am I still asleep regarding this event?

  4. Based upon the size of the building and the moving object approaching it, the missile would need to be over 100 feet long and have a girth of over 20 feet. While there are those that support the theory of a missile attack, that missile would need to be the equivalent size of an ICBM. Additionally, the black smoke that poured out of the building post crash was consistent with large amounts of hydrocarbons burning at relatively low temperatures (i.e. open burning of JP-4).

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