Garland Favorito Following Monday’s Hearing: ‘We Believe We Can Prove They Made False Statements’ | War Room

VoterGA co-founder Garland Favorito joined War Room following Judge Amero’s Monday ruling, which John Fredericks called “an unmitigated disaster.”

Garland said that while the delays were disappointing, there were some important wins:

Today the court confirmed several things we have said all along:

1. There is prima facie evidence of election fraud in the affidavits from senior poll managers who swear they handled counterfeit ballots in the Fulton Co hand count audit

2. The Equal Protection and Due Process claims of the petitioners are valid allegations of Constitutional rights violations based on the evidence

3. An inspection of the ballots must be made to determine if they are counterfeit and whether or not the Constitutional rights of the petitioners have been violated

4. The Petitioners obviously have the correct standing to pursue their claims

We will be delayed another two months because the attorney representing the Democrats on the Fulton County Election Board provided what we believe is obvious false information to the court. The GBI has never interviewed Suzi Voyles, conducted an investigation into counterfeit ballots or claimed that Suzi Voyles recanted any part of her affidavit.

TGP also spoke with Garland following the hearing yesterday. Garland explained:

So basically the judge is saying we have a rock-solid case.  Samuels came out with the false information that the GBI is investigating.  They’re not.  Then they claimed the judge’s orders was blocking their investigation.  That’s not true either. The GBI absolutely, positively does not have an investigation going into the counterfeit ballots and Suzi Voyle’s affidavit.

Don Samuels made that assertion multiple times and it was a false assertion. We believe we can prove that their attorney lied.”